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Creating Research and Library Assignments, with Assessment Tools

This suggested list of research and library assignments is not meant to be comprehensive. On this webpage we feature some possible assignments that stress information literacy skills and which can be customized and augmented, depending on the course content and level. The librarians will work with you to create assignments or assessment tools, if you desire.

Included on this website you will find:

We also try to include assignment examples and rubrics from other universities for additional reading.

Please email the librarian (librarian@oglethorpe.edu) OR fill out our Request Form to schedule a library session for your class. We also ask that you contact us if you implement any of our resources into your course.

Examples of Library and Research Assignments

If you are interested in an assignment tailored to your particular course content, please contact the Librarians. 

Annotated Bibliography

The student creates a list of sources they used or are planning to use in their research project and create annotations assessing the quality of the source.  Their annotation should include why the source was or was not useful in their research, and the annotation should also include a comparison with other sources.

  • Rubric for assessing Annotated Bibliography

Research Logs

Students keep a record log describing the research process they used, including their initial research question (and its subsequent evolution), keywords and subject descriptors they used in searches, revisions to their searches and advanced search methods utilized, and databases searched and reasons the particular databases were chosen.  The students should also include what worked for them and what did not, and any sort of “aha” moments they had in their research process.  This assignment is particularly useful for a bigger research assignment, and the research log can be included with other journaling assignments.

  • Rubric for assessing Research Logs

Research Summary

A research summary can be used as a summative assessment in order to gauge students’ research skills at the end of a research project. A research summary is a thoughtful summary of their experience of a research project, including a summation of their research process and how they think it went overall, what were the hardest and easiest parts of the research process, and whether the students have changed anything in the way they search for, evaluate, and use information.

  • Rubric for assessing Research Summary


Examples of Research and Library Assignments from Other Universities:

Rubrics and Assessment Measures


These rubrics can be modified for your course content. Please let the librarians know if you use the rubrics in your courses.


Examples of Rubrics from Other Univerisites:

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