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E-Books available from the Philip Weltner Library

E-Books from Ebsco

The Library offers more than 17,000 electronic books through
EbscoHost E-Books.

To get started using our e-books, simply open the EbscoHost E-Books website, and perform a search for your topic. Please note you need the GALILEO Password to access the e-books off-campus.

Once you have selected a book you want to read, simply click "eBook Full Text."

If you are using Citrix Internet Explorer, or if you are interested in downloading the e-books onto a tablet device, please see directions below:

For general help, please go to the EBSCO eBooks and AudioBooks Support Center.

Viewing e-books using Citrix Internet Explorer

If you are using the Citrix version of Internet Explorer, available on campus terminals, please follow these directions to properly display the books. The e-books do not display properly if you are using Citrix. You should only have to use these directions once.

  1. When you have opened the Ebsco e-book record you would like to read, select "eBook Full Text" on the left side of the screen.
  2. Internet Explorer will open a PDF Viewer, and it will also a separate Internet window, displaying one page of the book as a PDF file.
  3. To fix this, on the webpage displaying the single PDF file, right-click on the page and select "Page Display Preferences"
  4. From the screen that appears, select "Internet" in the left-hand window
  5. Under the "Web Browser Options" on the right-hand side, click on "Display PDF in Browser", and then click "OK"
  6. You may now close the single PDF file page, and you are back to the e-book PDF viewer.
  7. In the upper left side of the page, click "Detailed Record" to get back to the e-book record
  8. Again, click "eBook Full Text."

The e-book will now display properly for you to read or browse through it.


Downloading e-Books to Your e-Reader Device

Downloading of EBSCO e-books is available for devices that can support Adobe Digital Editions.

Please read EBSCO Support page for more information.


Questions can be directed to librarian@oglethorpe.edu.