La’Quisha Chaffin ’15: Why I love my library

It doesn’t take too much to be a successful student at Oglethorpe University, once you discipline yourself. One important first step is finding help from faculty and staff because it will add a nest of support that allows any student to succeed in their chosen career path. Being a successful student at Oglethorpe University not only means passing your classes with acceptable grades, but also remembering what you learned and participating in activities that reinforce those lessons.

La'Quisha Chaffin '15

La’Quisha Chaffin ’15

Always think of how your present is going to benefit your future, and choose your activities, internships, goals, etc. around that thought. Also, do your homework on requirements for graduate programs, jobs, etc. that you are interested in, and strive to complete all of those. That is what it means to be successful at Oglethorpe University: taking your four years to gain the knowledge, skills, and connections you will need for your future endeavors; you must collect those and use them to your advantage on your search of the next move towards your career goals. Once you have disciplined yourself to complete the above-mentioned steps, you are already a success!

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