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Oglethorpe University Honors Thesis Collection
[bulk 2009-2012]
MS 29

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Oglethorpe University Honors Program
Title: Oglethorpe University Honors Thesis Collection
Dates: 1990- [bulk 2009-2012]

The collection consists of Honors Program theses written by Oglethorpe University Students. Topics were chose by students and cover various subjects. The collection is open-ended and added to yearly.

Quantity: 29 linear feet


Administrative History

The Honors Program at Oglethorpe University is designed for students who seek to further challenge themselves academically and intellectually. Students participate in an eight semester program, culminating in an honors thesis or project. Students work with faculty to select, research, and develop a thesis topic. The final thesis is submitted the senior year.



The collection is arranged by acquisition year then alphabetically by author.



The collection consist of Honors Programs theses written by Oglethorpe University Students.





Subject Headings

Balaban, Livia
Barrett, Kathryn Lea
Benoit, Jennifer
Brown, Timothy Luke
Brumley, William Kyle
Bryant, Alexandra K.
Carter, Clair
Clark, Alex
Crooks, Ariel
Daly, Whitney
DeGroff, Troy
Edwards, Chloe
Evans, Melissa
Gault, Sarah Kendall
George, Anne
Goldman, Nathaniel
Gourdine, Rammika R.
Grant, Robert M.
Hendrix, Cassandra L.
Hendrix, Christopher
Jordan, Jonathan M.
Kendig, Chelsey
Leighty, Deborah
McFadden, Jacquelyn
Miller, Robert A.
Mynatt, Robert
Oredeko, Anne
Park, Chong
Peerboom, Melinda
Rocamora, Catherine Oliva
Rowell, Amanda Starr
Russ, Amy
Suddes, Daniel
Taylor, Erica
Walsh, Andrea
Weiner, Brittany A.

Manuel, Marisa LIndsay

Mitchell, Lindsey Erin

Palframan, Jef



Folder List

Box 1: 2009-2010, A-G

Folder 1. Barrett, Kathryn Lea. Santeria and Religious Influence on the Works of Ana Mendieta

Folder 2. Benoit, Jennifer. Biochemical Basis for Photo Responses

Folder 3. Brown, Timothy Luke. The One Dimensional Harmonic Oscillator: A Comparison of Classical and Quantum Mechanics

Folder 4. Crooks, Ariel. Seeing and Believing: Philosophical Implications of Expressionists' Art

Folder 5. DeGroff, Troy. Striking the Stone

Folder 6. Edwards, Chloe. Rats in the Storehouse: Bureaucracy and Autocracy in Sima Qian's Shiji

Folder 7. Evans, Melissa. Construction of a Bacterial Plasmid Containing a Prolyl tRNA Synthetase Gene and Tests of the Incorporation of Proline Analogs into an Elastin Protien Produced in Escherichhia Coli

Folder 8. Gault, Sarah Kendall. Death Investigation Systems and the Search for the Ideal System in the Commonwealth of Kentucky

Folder 9. George, Anne. The Fungistatic Activity of Methyl Salicylate

Folder 10. Goldman, Nathaniel. Accounting Principles: From Generally Accepted to Mandated - and Back Again?

Box 2: 2009-2010, H-Z

Folder 1. Kendig, Chelsey. Once Upon Our Time: Adapting the Fairy Tale to the Contemporary Children's Novel

Folder 2. Miller, Robert A. Theories of War and the State: Comparing the Ideologies of Sun Tzu and Clausewitz

Folder 3. Oredekio, Anne. Through My Brother's Eyes: Black Manhood Seen Through the Literary Works of Ralph Ellison, Chihua Achebe, and Manuel Zapata Olivella

Folder 4. Park, Chong. Political Economy of Corruption in Nigeria: Implications and Analysis

Folder 5. Rocamora, Catherine Olivia. Havana's Canaries: A Biography and Autobiography

Folder 6. Rowell, Amanda Starr. Fading Ink: An Analysis of the Current Status of Online Alternatives for Print Media

Folder 7. Russ, Amy. Household Production: An Analysis of the Role of Women in Gross Domestic Product

Folder 8. Suddes, Daniel. A Comparative Study of Spending in the United States and Great Britain: The Ability to Control and Decrease Government Spending

Folder 9. Walsh, Andrea. Phenomenology and the Problem of the Other Minds: Husserl, Heidegger, and Levinas

Box 3: 2010, A-Z

Folder 1. Bryant, Alexandra K. The Changing News Media Scene and Consequential Effects on Societal Values of the 'Other'

Folder 2. Clark, Alex. Globalization's Effect on Censorship and Social Taboos

Folder 3. Grant, Robert M. Charles De Gaulle and the Struggle for French Armored Corps, 1920-1940

Folder 4. Gourdine, Ramika R. Coming Out: Building Communities by Contesting Constructions of Binary Gender Identity

Folder 5. Hendrix, Christopher. Economics and Revolution: The Dutch Revolt and the Baltic Trade

Folder 6. Jordan, Jonathan, M. Physical Artifice and the Spiritual Ideal: English Decadent Poetry

Folder 7. Leighty, Deborah. Protest: The Missing Link to German Identity?

Folder 8. Taylor, Erica. Idealistic Realism: How Generation Y Views the World

Box 4: 2011-2012, A-Z

Folder 1. Balaban, Livia. Executive Functioning, Vocabulary, Phonological Awareness, and Reading Skills in Adolescents with Traumatic Brain Injury in Comparison to Typically Developing Adolescents

Folder 2. Brumley, William Kyle. The Evolving Literature and Branding of the Sanford Meisner Technique

Folder 3. Carter, Clair. Southern Discomfort: Anti-Mormon Attitudes in the Nineteenth Century

Folder 4. Daly, Whitney. El Pajaro Rebelle: Cultural Confusion in Bizet's Carmen

Folder 5. Hendrix, Cassandra L. Mediators of Social Skill Deficits in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Folder 6. McFadden, Jacquelyn. The Evolution of Fairies in Literature: From Oral Folk Tales to Peter Pan and More Modern Stories

Folder 7. Mynatt, Robert. Graffiti Explosions: The Local Ecology of Atlanta's Creative Graffiti Scene

Folder 8. Peerboom, Melinda. Islam en France vs. Islam de France: The Impact of Islam and Immigration

Folder 9. Weiner, Brittany A. Repeated Exposure to Admired Gay Men: A Case for Modulating Automatic Attitudes and Changing Behavior

Box 5 2012-2013, A-Z

Folder 1. Manual, Marisa Lindsay. Horror-Comedy: The Chaotic Spectrum and Cinematic Synthesis

Folder 2. Mitchell, Lindsey Erin. Shadows in Time: A Study of Temporal Metaphysics Through Hard Science Fiction and Its Restrictions on the Past and Future

Folder 3. Palframan, Jef. Lifiting the Veil of Violence: The October Crisis, 1970

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation:

Please cite the individual thesis writer, title of thesis, MS 29, Archives, Philip Weltner Library, Oglethorpe University Atlanta, Georgia. Permission to publish from this collection must be approved in writing by the Director of the Library, Oglethorpe University.


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