Honors Program

Honors Program

All students at Oglethorpe are encouraged to attain academic and personal excellence through active engagement with and initiative in their education. The University offers an Honors program for those students who demonstrate the potential and desire to further challenge themselves intellectually, both within and beyond the classroom setting.

The honors program allows students the opportunity to work closely with peers and faculty from various disciplines, while developing their own interests and initiative.

Students who complete the Honors program will develop their own independent project, while learning how their interests relate to relevant disciplinary discourse, other academic disciplines and the world beyond academia. Completing an honors thesis and successfully defending it at our annual Liberal Arts and Science Symposium is the culmination the program.

Please read examples of past years’ honors theses below.


Decatur Where It’s Greater? An Examination into the Relationship between the Charter School System and Gentrification in Decatur, Georgia
Zoë Geiger

Post-Impressionism in Great Britain: Woman Artists from 1880-1930
Hayleigh Stonham



A Qualitative Study Examining Black Women’s Experiences within Maternal Healthcare
Ron’Nesha Bryant (Dr. Janelle Pham, Advisor)

Female Candidates and Voter Turnout: An Empirical Study on the Effects of Nontraditional Candidate Spending on Voter Behavior
Fatima Boumahd (Dr. Cassandra Copeland, Advisor)

Worse Singers or Harder Songs? Pop Music Melodies from the 1970s through the 2010s
Alison Curl (Dr. Timothy Powell, Advisor)

Bridging the Gap: Updating Representations of Slavery in Museums in the Southern United States 
Nyree Dowdy (Dr. Nicholas Maher, Advisor)

Convivencia and Music in Medieval Iberia

Samantha Foster (Dr. Brent Runnels, Advisor)

The Syrian Civil War: Why Did it Get So Bad?
Addison Furst (Dr. John Orme, Advisor)

Intraflagellar Transport is Not Required for Flagellar-associated Protein 93 (FAP93) Assembly in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii cilia
Reagan Goodwin (Dr. Lea Alford, Advisor)

The Collective Memory and Collective Amnesia: Japan’s Occupation in the Korean Peninsula
Nina Lopez (Dr. John Orme, Advisor)

We Make Life: Self-Authoring in The Waves

Milo McGehee (Dr. Sarah Terry, Advisor)

Abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir: Implications and Why Now?

Sidhant Sharma (Dr. Nicholas Maher, Advisor)

Length-dependency of FAP93 Assembly in Chlamydomonas cilia

Courtney Stuart (Dr. Lea Alford, Advisor)



Why Diversity Matters: Finding Community as Desi College Students
Syeda Bano (Dr. Janelle Pham, Advisor)

Perception of Child Abuse by Race, Socioeconomic Status, and Marital Status
Erin Raquel Battaglia (Dr. Rebecca Bays, Advisor)

Characterization via transcriptomic analysis of a potential gene interaction between spr-5, met-2, and mep-1 in determining germline versus soma in C. elegans
Jovan Brockett (Dr. Karen Schmeichel, Advisor)

It Was an Extraordinary Summer: Youth, Memory, and Homosexual Desire in Mrs. Dalloway and The Goldfinch
Lexi Covalsen (Dr. Sarah Terry, Advisor)

“Feels bad man”: Internet Memes as Alt-Right Discourse
Ansley Dyer (Dr. Katharine Zakos, Advisor)

Modern-Day Relics of Quaker Ideals: How Solitary Confinement Practices Continue to Negatively Impact the American Prison System
Emily Shultz (Dr. Robert Hornback, Advisor)

Engaging the City: An Ethnography on the Beltline’s Promotional Framework
Yasmin Tehrani (Dr. Janelle Pham, Advisor)



Investigating How Repressive Chromatin Modifiers Interact during Early C. elegans Embryogenesis
Sindy Chavez (Dr. Karen Schmeichel, Advisor)

Expressive Complexity of Computer Algebra Systems

Robert Dougherty-Bliss (Dr. Brian Patterson, Advisor)

A Union with Reality: Reconsidering Mysticism in a World of “Othering”
Arman Niknafs (Dr. Nicholas Maher and Dr. Amanda Printz Whooley, Advisors)

To Be Determined: A Perspective. A Play in Two Acts
Gillian Rabin (Dr. Anne Rosenthal and Mr. Matt Huff, Advisors)

Migration Dynamics of Ancient Indo-Aryan Speakers into India
Nipun Shukla (Dr. Jeffrey Collins, Advisor)

Birthright: A Play in One Act
Gavonta’ Zanders (Dr. Anne Rosenthal and Mr. Matt Huff, Advisors)



Characterizing a Role for CoREST (SPR-1) in Regulating the Function of LSD1 (SPR-5)
Robert Goldin (Dr. Karen Schmeichel, Advisor)

#parlezvousfemme – A Show about Women in the 21st century, as Told by five Famous Women
Victoria Lindbergh (Dr. Jay Lutz, Advisor)

A Self-Propelling-Wheel: Prefigured Recurrence in Nietzsche’s The Birth of Tragedy
Jared McSwain (Dr. Amanda Printz Whooley, Advisor)

But This Is Where All the Trouble Starts! With Words!: Self-Determining Characters and the Struggle for Narrative Authority
Meredith Myers (Dr. Sarah Terry, Advisor)

Rotation of the Solar Wind’s Magnetic Field in Jupiter’s Magnetosphere
Iris Daniela Ponce Pinto (Dr. Mariel Meier, Advisor)

Hamilton and the American Promise
Sarah Rodgers (Dr. Reshmi Hebbar, Advisor)

The Influence of Media Representations on Perception of Real and Made-Up Drug Names
Katie Wilson (Dr. Justin Wise, Advisor)



On the Road and the Meaning of ‘Beat’
Allie Armbruster

The Search for Belarusian National Identity: An Explanation of Authoritarianism
Sarah Baughn

Selective Tactile Attention Under Auditory Perceptual Load
Stephanie Bowar

“Mom, I got it”: Identifying Zygotic Roles for SPR-5 and MET-2 in C. elegans Development
Elias Castro

“And Now There’s No Chain”: Punk, Dada, and Art as Commodity Negation
Evan Drew

The Role of Attachment Styles and Personality in Predicting Coping Methods
Miranda Evans

The Presence of the Past: An Argument for Reconsidering Three Boston Historians
Kelly Jacobson

Byzantine Restoration and Collapse under the Komnenoi
Zachary Roberts

Piracy and Religion: Navigating their Connections During the Golden Age
Sarah Wampler

Potential Interactions of Alcohol and Multivitamin Use on Prenatal Oxidative Stress
Jaclyn Weinberg



Forging the Mormon Myth
MaryAnne Hafen

Serotonin Modulation of Anesthesia-Induced Hypothermia
Ty Murphy

I and Thou: Water Rights and the Ungrievable Life
Kierra Powell

The Significance of Economic Significance
Dakota Sneed

Relationship between Norse and Indigenous Americans Prior to Columbus
Don Warden

Tantric Alchemy of the Soul: A Philosophical Analysis and Synthesis of Jung and Kashmir Shaivism
Derek Wolter



The Business Structures of Private Schools: A Mixed Methods Exploratory Research Study
Delaney Bush

Authentic Knowledge from the Perspective of the Early Moderns
Caleb Connell

The Art of Interpretation in Dialogue: The Emergence of Meaning in Everyday Life
Nicole Gallagher

Interstate Land War in the Information Age
Eric Hunt

Models of Time Travel and Their Consequences
Antonio Mántica

One State: An Illusion or Solution?
Ruwa Romman



The New Gold Standard: New York City’s Counterterrorism Bureau
Courtney Barrett

Justice Not Long Delayed: Historical Perspectives and the Twenty-First Century Fight for Gay Rights
Charles Boyd

Invocation Dei- The Competing Roles of Christianity and Secularism in the Polarization of American Political Culture
Samantha Flynn

Till Death Us Do Part: The Evolution of Monogamy
Kirsten Glaeser

The End of Ataturk’s Tutelage: Political Islam and Lessons Learned form the Rise of the AKP
Corey Ray

The Immersive Medium: Art, Flow, and Video Games
Christopher Yalen