Visitors Policy

Please review in full our Visitors Policy. In summary:

Philip Weltner Library’s primary purpose is to meet the needs of the students, faculty, and staff of Oglethorpe University. We also regularly serve alumni, family of faculty and staff, and ARCHE and GPALS interlibrary use patrons. Study areas and study rooms are for the Oglethorpe community only.

Visitors are required to introduce themselves at the Circulation Desk by showing a valid photo ID and an Interlibrary Use card. They must sign the guest registry each time they visit the library.

Overdue and Lost Items Policy

Overdue Items

The library does not charge overdue fines for books. Once an item is past its due date, the item is marked in our system as “Lost.”

The library staff will then place a Datatel hold on the student, preventing the student from registering for classes, requesting transcripts, and graduating UNTIL the item is returned or paid for.

If a student renews the item or returns the item, the status of “Lost” will be removed. Patrons can renew their items by visiting the library or by clicking “Your Account,” signing in, then renewing their items online.

At the end of every semester, all unreturned items will be marked as “Lost.”  Students must return all items at the end of each semester.

Lost Items Policy

The library will give students every chance to find and return a lost book or item. Should the book / item not be found, the student is responsible for the following charges:

  • The total cost per lost item is $60.
  • The total cost comes from the replacement fee, which is $35 (one book costs the library an average of $52 to replace), plus the cost of the processing fee for each item, which is $25.
  • The payment may be made to the library by check or cash.

In the event that a student finds a lost book after paying for it, their money will be refunded (one year limit).

Acceptable Use Policy for Library Computer Workstations and Networked Resources


The Reference Commons and other library workstations are provided to support the educational, research, and informational activities of the Oglethorpe University community. These workstations provide access to local resources, GALILEO (Georgia’s Virtual Library), licensed content, and the Internet.

Workstations are equipped with 2 USB ports and a headphone jack. Networked laser printers enable quick, double-sided printing, which is free for members of the Oglethorpe community.

Loaded software include Windows 7 running Citrix, Office 2010 Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), SPSS (Statistical Analysis Software), Adobe, compilers for software programming courses (i.e. VB6, C++), Maple (Calculus Software) and general Internet software. Users requiring more specialized hardware or software needs should visit other campus computer labs or consult with ITS.

The use of library computers and networked resources is governed by this document, other relevant library and university policies, including the ITS Email and Computer Usage Policy, and all applicable federal, state, and local laws.

Usage Guidelines:
  • Individuals are responsible for using the library’s workstations in an ethical, respectful, and lawful manner.
  • Research instruction provided by library staff to groups and individuals has priority over all other activities.
  • Activities supporting the educational and research goals of the university community are primary. Secondary uses (which include game playing, online banking, and personal email) may be prohibited if they are interfering with primary activities.
  • Current students, faculty, and staff of Oglethorpe University have priority. The library also extends user privileges to authorized ILU patrons from other ARCHE institutions, Oglethorpe alumni, community borrowers, and other visitors as resources permit.
  • During peak times when computer workstations are in demand, reasonable time limits may be imposed. Users are automatically logged off after 15 minutes of inactivity. Locked, unattended workstations are rebooted if others are waiting.
Unacceptable Uses:
  • Users may not violate copyright laws and fair use provisions, software licenses, or any other state or federal law governing intellectual property. Inappropriate reproduction and/or distribution of copyrighted music, movies, computer software, text, images, etc. is strictly prohibited.
  • Uses may not break into, tamper with, steal, copy, damage, or otherwise alter computer software and hardware.
  • Users may not introduce viruses or download additional software onto library workstations. Requests for additional software should be submitted to the Electronic Resources Librarian for evaluation.
  • Inappropriate activities include disrupting the work of others, wasting resources, and anything in violation of state or federal law or university policies.

Unauthorized or inappropriate use of library workstations and resources is prohibited and is grounds for sanctions which can include suspension or loss of computing and/or library privileges, disciplinary action, or legal action.